Where are You?

Where Are You?

LORD, I’m used to hearing people ask, “Where is God?”

I will bring it closer – sometimes I wonder where You are

I’m looking at my circumstances – the circumstances of the world

I’m feeling my feelings and thinking my thoughts

Without realizing how very far I am from myself.

You say that is where You are, with me

In the garden – in the first separation humans experienced from God

They didn’t ask where you were

They busied themselves with covering their nakedness

Feeling the new awareness that fostered fear of God

You walked towards them, let them hear Your footsteps

You asked with broken heart, “Where are you?”

They didn’t describe where they physically were in the answer

They confessed their act of separation and rebellion

Pouring out the consequences of discomfort in their nakedness

As lost innocence and Your seeing eyes as something to be feared

Hiding from instead of welcoming Your presence

You would not let them go

Jesus, Light of the World

Such hope is ours - You have covered us in robes of righteousness

Brought us back to a union with Father, Son and Spirit

Hush our remaining human fears that question our worth

Show mercy for our tendencies to hide the broken places yet to heal

“Where are you?” Your tender voice calls out

“Come back to yourself as you are for, I am here with My presence.”

Jesus, we come back from all our hiding

Stand in the middle of Trinity and allow ourselves the gift of PRESENCE

(A Prayer to accompany the first day of the Advent Material)

Photography by Caju Gomes, Unsplashed

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