Commission #1: Tell the Story (Mark 16:15)

I am not so sure that the disciples realized at first what the resurrection was going to mean for them. They were following Jesus, experiencing the bond of doing life and ministry with Him, looking forward to the political revolution they believed He was working His way up to. Gradually, His kingdom teachings would have entered their hearts, clashing with their worldly ideas about revolution and drawing them to the inner revolution Jesus was about. They suffered through Jesus’ death and went through their days of wondering what to do now, and then joyfully discovered that He had risen. That the resurrection would mean a commissioning from their leader before He returned to heaven…well, I’m pretty sure they had no idea. I can relate, can’t you? When Jesus found me and I became His follower, I only knew that I was following Him, I had no idea that I would be commissioned into the life I’ve found myself in. A resurrection, incarnational life with a specific calling I am commissioned to by God. A calling that has had different emphasis and roles but always attached to the overall purpose of my life here on earth. A calling that tells the story of Christ. A calling takes many years to discover…a lot of hit and miss…and of course, surrenders.

This week we will look at 7 elements of our resurrection commissioning. They won’t tell you what your specific calling is but they will lead you to discover it from the inside out.

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone” (Mark 16:15).

Reading stories is a big part of parenthood; if you have the blessing of becoming a grandparent, you get to do it again! Children tend to have their favourites – you find yourself reading that same book so many times, you don’t need the words anymore. There is a story-telling that trumps all the physical books though. Made up stories from your own imagination! This story doesn’t need pictures but is more compelling if you place the child in the story in such a way that they recognize they are in it. You can count on spell-bound!

Jesus commissioned His disciples (including all disciples to follow) to go and tell the story. Tell the story about His love, death and resurrection. He never meant for the story to be something separate from their lives. It’s a story that includes you and includes me in unique and beautiful ways. How has the story come to me? When and how did I discover it? How has it impacted me in ways that change me?

There is another way of telling a story that children love that can help us here. Everyone builds the story together. One child will say, “Once upon a time, a little girl lived in a tiny house.” The next child gets to build onto the story. “There were 6 tiny mice that lived with her.” (Giving a very simple example here!) We, as commissioned disciples, help each other build the story of Jesus. We notice how He is shaping each other, stand together in the fire, celebrate the joys…all of which stem from the story of Jesus that God is writing in each of our lives. It’s a story that is rooted in the story of Christ’s death and resurrection.

When Jesus went back to the Father, He commissioned us, “Tell my story, tell it connected to your life experience, tell it in your unique way…with words, without words but always with the hope that others will open their hearts to me.

Prayer Exercise:

If you could tell your story outlined as follows, what would it be?

1. How Jesus was revealed to me

2. How Jesus has transformed me so far (to be more of who I was created to be as well as imaging Him through my personality)

3. What is the current chapter of the story of Jesus and me? (Think of a title of the chapter is you can!)

If you have time, it would be a great exercise to write this out…just simply.

Take the story and lay it before God and ask Him to bless His story that is now your story, to open doors for you to tell it with your life and words.

Photo by Picsea-Unsplash

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