We Love While We Wait

While we wait this Advent Season for the coming of our Lord Jesus, we follow His instructions to live a life of love. I offer this prayer out of 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 (The Passion)

May my words and the gifts given to me be expressed in love. May true love be my highest and ongoing learning. Expand my heart so that my love may be generous and purify this love so that it may be my hidden motive for all that I am and do.

Let Your large love live in me, extending to all You have created. Send grace so that love be immersed in the patience of our Father.

When the love You have placed in my heart goes out to another, may they receive the gentleness and kindness that heals the weariness that sometimes visits our souls.

May Your love within me refuse to be jealous and rather be happy for every blessing another receives. Let me not love in broken ways of seeking importance. Free this love from disrespect and seeking my own honour. Cause Your love to wash over my soul that I will be free from irritation and taking offence. I ask to live out the honesty of love and so invite others into the freedom of this honesty. Strengthen my Love to weep for wrong in mercy.

Finally, dear Lord, let Your love in me be a safe place of shelter – where others experience being believed in, lifted up in their fallings and strengthened to carry on and not give up.

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