WAIT - Day Three of Week Six

On one occasion, while He was eating with them, He gave them this command: Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard speak about. Acts 1:4

I have this old book written by Amy Carmichael, missionary to India, long gone home to Jesus. It is called, His Thoughts Said…His Father Said…It is simply exchanges between a Christian and what he hears God say after he pours out his thoughts to Him. I offer one exchange to connect us to this word “wait,” that our Jesus asks of us.

The son said, “Forgive me, my Father, but sometimes I wonder if even in the Other Life there will be that for which my soul longeth.”

His Father said, “In my Presence is fullness of joy; can fullness be less than full? At my right hand there are pleasures for evermore; can pleasures be less than delight? Dear child of My love, trust my love. Would I leave one longing unsatisfied? Thou dost not know thy Father if thou thinkest that I would. Thou shalt be satisfied with the plenteousness of My House, I will give thee to drink of my pleasures as out of a river. Dost thou think that nothing would ever be as beautiful as it once was? Turn thine eyes from thy beautiful beginnings – I will do better unto thee than at thy beginnings.”

This is so hope-filled for me. I recall being a young woman so hungry to be filled with the Spirit. A bunch of us were planning on going to an annual conference that we had heard about called Abundant Life. There was this quiet interceding woman who had been praying for a bunch of us young moms…praying for us to hunger and thirst for the Spirit and to be filled.

I was around 27 years of age and God had truly created a hunger in me. I had my youngest baby with me in a big old baby buggy, one of the English types of prams. I went to the teaching on the filling of the Spirit and afterwards we were invited to come forward to be prayed for. I stayed near the back because of the big buggy. By now the baby had awakened and was wondering where she was. But she never made a sound. She could feel the Presence. I am not going to share the details of the beautiful thing God did for me there as a young, hungry woman. But I do want to share that there were two older men there at that workshop. They came up to speak to me and part of what they shared was that they had experienced a filling of the Spirit when they were younger and they had come with a fresh hunger to be filled again.

I’ve been thinking about them, thinking about how I am that older woman who wants a fresh filling for this season of life. There are no more Abundant Life Conferences – actually, there is nowhere to go for such a thing. But I have this little office on the third floor of our simple home. I have a blue loveseat that I can kneel against and tell God how much I need a fresh filling. I don’t have a lot of energy, I can’t spend days in prayer, but I can bring my desire – even though I know it is quite small. I love the last line of the writing and I hug it to myself in hope, “Turn thine eyes from thy beautiful beginnings – I will do better unto thee than at thy beginnings.” May it be so, Lord, may it be so.


LORD, I know I can’t earn it; I can’t rustle it up with great emotion. These days, we are all weak and worn down. But I remember the beautiful movements of the Spirit in my life. I know that You are a God who loves to bless and empower. So I come to You. May my hunger meet Your will and may this union bring a spilling out upon me of Your beautiful Spirit. Amen.

Photo by Wiebrig Krakau-Unsplash

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