The Wonder of the Cradle

(Accompanying Poem/Prayer for Advent Material)

With wonder I come to the cradle

Gaze at the newborn Christ

All the hopes and fears throughout the years

Met in Him tonight

Born for me and born for you

That we may be birthed into new life

Wonder fills my soul

In the mystery of salvation through helpless babe

With wonder I remember the cradle of my new birth

The tender awe, the wash of love

A burden lifted – the hand of God

Holding mine in beginning days

With wonder I trace the years

The light, the discipline, the love and mercy

Forming and releasing the woman He created me to be

Amazed at the power of grace

Such wonder at Christ’s journey from the cradle

How my journey from that cradle

Seeks to follow His

Grace to lift each missed step into the mercy of God

O blessed cradle of the Saviour

We walk gently hushed to look again

O mystery of all that is in that cradle

To lead us once again through unknown days

Photo by Stockvault

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