STAY (Day Two of Week Six of the Resurrection)

“But stay here in the city until the Holy Spirit comes and fills you with power from heaven.” Luke 24:49

I am often reminded of an analogy I heard a long time ago. A dog loves to chase a thrown stick. It is in its deepest nature to chase it down. But when the owner throws the stick and tells the dog to stay – that is so against his every instinct. The dog whimpers. Everything is churning within to take off after it. It takes the greatest discipline to STAY.

Staying is one of the greatest unspoken confessions of our need. To refuse to run after a myriad of choices to fill the discomfort of nothingness – to allow ourselves to see our emptiness and need within is difficult indeed. Oh, how we want to achieve, possess, run…anything but sit and stay.

“Stay,” Jesus said. Stay and let the emptiness evolve into a longing that is sure to be filled. It is the staying that nurtures the longing, that begins to cause the soul to sense an expectancy. The filling of the Spirit is worth the staying and all the discomfort that goes with it!


O LORD, there are so many sticks to chase after and so many reasons why we chase them. Some inside drive compels us to fill our needs quickly, assuage our loneliness and brokenness, and run from our own souls and Your great love. In pursuit of what? The running feels so good, the wind on our faces, and we are sure we will find the gold at the end of the chase. But when we get there, we find it to be an empty place. Now we are so tired, we cannot make it back to the place where we were first deceived. O LORD, speak Your word, “Stay.” Speak it LORD, deep into our souls. Block our way. Let us believe in the deeper and richer work of God in the staying and in the stillness. Help us to stay and in the staying trust that we shall be filled – freely and without pursuit.

Photo by Rob Fuller-Unsplash

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