Seeing the Stranger (Day 4)

Luke 24:13-35

It seems to me as I am going along this week, pondering the scripture accounts of what happened when Jesus rose from the dead, that seeing is blocked at first. Stones – like the stone that sealed the entrance to the tomb where the resurrection happened – keep us from seeing. Stones of grief, stones of impossibilities, stones of forgetting what Jesus predicted. You can add your stone here if it comes to mind. I think that I am going to take some time today to ask God, “What is the stone that keeps me from seeing the joyous reality of the resurrection.?

The first day of the resurrection takes us to different disciples and their seeing. Mary saw Jesus as the Gardener and her eyes were opened when Jesus called her name. The two disciples that we read about today see Jesus as a stranger that joins them on their walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Their eyes are open when Jesus breaks the bread.

Yesterday I invited you to sit and listen for Jesus to say your name. Today, I invite you to break bread with Jesus. I know it might seem “strange” (here a play on the topic of seeing the “Stranger”) but could you take time with Jesus over bread and juice or wine? We could ask Jesus to share this time of remembering with us. We could ask Him to move in us and open our eyes to the wonder of the resurrection as we eat the bread and drink the juice, imagining Jesus with us in it.

Prayer: Lord, I confess that sometimes You are a Stranger to me. You are walking with me, listening to my every word, asking me questions…and I cannot see You. Today, through the bread and wine, would you reveal Yourself as the resurrected Christ to me. Open my eyes to see You so that I might join in with Mary and these two disciples and proclaim, “He is alive, I have seen the Lord!”

Photo by Alyssa Strohmann-Unsplashed

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