Receivers in the Wait

LORD, I could wait for all things to be the way I would like them

I could keep myself back from allowing peace to be my song

Until the storms are past

But I know that I am meant to be a receiver

Of all Your good gifts

In the middle of the wait – the Advent

LORD, I will rather open myself to the comfort

That I am known and seen by You

Your loving eye following every moment that I live

Hidden in the shelter of such comfort

Goodness following behind my steps

Transforming the incomplete into wonder

LORD, the wonder of waiting

Not for things to be as I desire them to be

But to wait on hushed tip toe to see

How God will work it all for good

And prove His presence can be enough

To hold us in the Love that knows and bears all things

(Prayer to accompany 4th day of Advent)

Photo by Kira auf der Heide - Unsplashed

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