Now My Eyes See

Today I will share one of the Advent reflections from "Presence" that I created for this year. We will reflect on this beautiful painting by Jeff Van't Hoff. Simeon and Anna - prophet and prophetess - seeing Christ in the temple when Joseph and Mary present him for the ceremony of Mary's purification and the redemption of the firstborn. It is the first time that Jesus is recognized (other than when the shepherds found Him in the manger) as Messiah.

Read the story of this wonderful recognition in Luke 2:22-38

Take time to reflect on this picture.

Notice light and dark. Where is Simeon looking? Where is Anna looking? Is she looking at Mary? Does she know that this joy of the Messiah will bring great sorrow to this mother's heart? Where is Christ looking? What is the general sense of the picture? What main message do you think the artist wants to convey?

Does any of this connect with your present life? Does it produce a longing? Is there an invitation from God around this worship of Him?

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