Looking Back in Gratitude

I hold out this great resource that can help you reflect back on 2020, not in denial, but with gratitude. The whole week is dedicated to this. So start with Dec. 28. It works best if you download their free app.

I pray for hope for you and for me. I was reading in 2 Peter - how this world as we know will someday pass away. That there will be a new earth and a new heaven. In light of this we are called to live holy lives. It struck me that I have often thought of my own passing away but not so much the world. I tend to look to the world to give me some option of meaning, if I am honest. So as we go into 2021, let us put our hope in Christ more than ever. Let's help each other live these human but holy lives - believing that God has placed us here at this particular time in history - for His glory.

God bless you. I know it hasn't been easy for anyone. May He pour His healing love over us all.

Here is the link for your 2020 reflection:

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