Let the Glory In

What Posture Do You Have Towards God’s Glory?

Reflect on the three postures of the shepherds modelled in this painting by Thomas Cole

Read Luke 2:8-18 (The Story of the angels announcing God’s glory come to earth to the shepherds)

Your glory has come

Lives in me – calling for space

To spill out into very simple places

Often unseen and even unknown

Help me to rest in this glory that is You in me

Christ the hope of glory

Your glory is full of mystery

Uncontainable and yet You allow it to be contained

In human frailty – first Yours and then ours

Humanity holding the divine

How can it be?

Oh, let me sit in its beauty and be healed

Your glory is to be welcomed

Awakened in the dawn of newness

Full of mercy and truth

Be exalted in me O God

Especially in the places that I close off

Doubting Your glory could change things

Your glory will come again

An advent yet to come

The final end, the glorious new beginning

Such hope enlarges the heart

We lean in and listen for the Spirit’s whispers

God’s glory will one day be above all the earth

Psalm 57:8-11

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