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I hope you have enjoyed reading about spiritual practices through story! There are many more spiritual practices. I highly recommend the book, "Spiritual Disciplines Handbook (Practices that Transform Us) by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun. This is the book I used alongside the stories of Bella.

I'm going to move into using the Lectionary Readings and just giving some simple thoughts on the scripture for the day.

Psalm 48

Reflection on Psalm 48:12-13 Circle Zion; count her towers. Consider her walls, climb her palaces, and then go and tell the coming generation of the care and compassion of our God.

Zion is a specific, historically important location – the name refers to both a hill in the city of Jerusalem and to the city itself. But generally, it means “holy place” or “kingdom of heaven.”

We join to Christ and His kingdom; we circle around this kingdom. As life changes, we find ourselves coming to familiar spots in the kingdom of God. Again, we come to a place of surrender, to a place of choosing, a place of deeper faith. It looks like a new place because the circumstance is different. But there are set kingdom ways that are revealed afresh as we go along.

Think of how many times you have run into the Lord’s name as a strong tower (Proverbs 18:10). Allow wonder to fill your heart as you reflect on the times you have scaled enemy walls with God’s strength (Psalm 18:29). You have a story, a story of the care and compassion of your God. Tell the next generation. They need this hope – this description of living in the kingdom that you have experienced.

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