Jesus Prays for Us to be Made Holy (Day 20 of the Resurrection)

Your Word is truth! So, make them holy by the truth…I dedicate myself to them as a holy sacrifice so that they will live as fully dedicated to God and be made holy by your truth (John 17:17 & 19)

If you have never asked what it means to be holy, it is a really foundational question to get to. Don’t try and answer it quickly…in fact, ask it a lot as you go along in your life with God. There are a lot of great definitions “out there,” but the answer you need is on the inside of your life. It’s attached to God’s truth about Himself, us, life, and others for sure. It is also attached to Jesus’ holy sacrifice and with what it looks like to be fully dedicated to God out of who He made you to be. It’s not a list of dos and don’ts. It has similarities between each of us Christ followers but also has its unique expressions. It is something that God does in us when we open ourselves up to welcome the beauty of holiness. It grows and dips, shrivels and blossoms, as we seek to walk it out in real life. It has an element of sacrifice to it, some sacrifices easier than others. Jesus says that His holy sacrifice makes it possible for us to live fully dedicated to God and be made holy by His truth. Our dedication is found in our following Jesus and that following, that discipleship will be marked with sacrifice. These are just a few thoughts around the scriptures for today.


  1. What has “holy” meant to you? Do you think you live a holy life?

  2. What emotion comes up when you think about being made holy by God? Fear, avoidance, awe, longing, etc.?

  3. Have you ever desired to be made holy?

  4. What truths (that God has revealed to you) have contributed to you living out your unique holiness?


Confess: Lord, sometimes I just don’t understand what holy is. Too often it has been this narrow, joyless image to me. I haven’t given it a lot of thought – especially lately. It’s been such a trying time.

Longing: Lord, can you place within me a longing for true holiness, the kind you asked our Father to work in us? Can you melt my resistance and my fears and let holiness be beautiful in my mind?

Opening: Lord, I open myself to you today. I surrender my own agenda. I welcome the awareness of the holiness you delight to work in me through the sacrifice of Jesus and your truth. Amen.

Worship: Worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness; Tremble [in submissive wonder] before Him, all the earth. Psalm 96:9

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez-Unsplash

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