IN PRAYER - Day Seven of Week Six

They all joined together constantly in prayer along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers. Acts 1:14

All the words from this past week have led us to the postures so key to the coming of the Spirit: Returning to ourselves, staying, waiting, receiving, baptized, together. Today we gather them all and unite them with one last word: PRAYER.

Oh, prayer has been such a struggle for the Church, hasn’t it? It’s been everything from a duty to a frustration – guilt inducing and trying to figure out how to actually do it. But oh, if prayer could be longing expressed – if prayer could be the tears that fall down our faces when we realize how much we need Jesus and His love and comfort – if prayer could be the groanings of our hearts in grief – if prayer could be turning and resting from the should’s - if prayer could be the union of the soul with God…would we have to even write about it?

I am totally intolerant of anything that smacks of “should” at this point. I just can’t do it. There is no “should” in my desire to pray for the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on me and on you. I think it more than pray it for sure. But it is there always. I sit in silence and close my eyes in God’s presence and cannot speak for the energy it would take. So I just let myself be as I am, encircled by the Trinity. I know my God knows what I want.

In this coming week, we will pray…in different kinds of ways…to get ready to pray together on June 5. If you aren’t joining us, please pray with us anyway.

Rest this Sabbath. Ask for the Holy Spirit to write prayers into your heart for this coming week. Listen, be at peace, let Him do the work in you.

Enjoy this picture and contemplate on how God uses it to help you allow the prayers to come.

Photo by Melissa Askew-Unsplash

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