God Has Pleasure for Me?

We continue to journey through Psalm 23 in The Passion. Today's segment is so fascinating! "He opens before me pathways to God's pleasure." I invite you to take this line and notice what word, concept or picture stands out to you. I will give you some soul questions to go with each word.

He: What image of God works for you when you think of God being the One opening up pathways to godly pleasure for you? A mother, a father, a brother, a friend, a Shepherd, the Wind, etc.?

Opens: God has a deep desire to open us up to pathways of pleasure. Where you sense yourself open to God? Where you sense you are closed? Give both space and talk to God about it.

Before: be fore. Being right where you are but with something in the forefront - a path. Where are you right now? What is the step God has laid down before you?

Me: How much attention are you giving yourself on the journey these days? Too little? Too much? Are you comfortable to just be you with God? Do you desire to be with others in order to be with God? (No wrong answers here.)

Pathways: What does the path look like for you? How do you image it? Is it wide open? Overgrown and hard to see? A little rocky? Uphill or downhill or flat?

To: You are oriented to God. Whatever path He is laying before you is always to Him. Can you sit with this for a bit? Can you position your body for a minute to describe your desire to be oriented TO God. I.e. Leaning forward in your chair, stretching out your hands

God's: The truest pleasure is pleasure that is God's, a pleasure that is rooted in His being and in His character. Take some time to think of God as a God who delights to give us pleasure/joy.

Pleasure: Definition of "pleasure": a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. Is it hard or easy for you to believe that God leads us on paths of pleasure? That He desires you to be satisfied and filled with His joy? That He actually leads us towards this? How can you picture Jesus in this leading? I.e. He is just ahead of you on the path, smiling because He knows where He is taking you, holding out His hand to help you through a difficult spot. I hope my picture doesn't interfere with what your imagining - I hope it just encourages you in yours.

Whatever your word was, I pray that the Spirit has met you there today. Take time to worship Jesus and to confess with however big or small you sense your faith is right now...that you know He is leading you on pathways to God's pleasure.

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