His forever-love paid a full ransom for his people so that now we’re free to come before Yahweh.

His love is forever; that’s why the psalmist can say that it pays a full ransom, a ransom that says we are free every day of our lives to come to God.

When I was a child, I asked my mom quite often if she loved me. I was insecure. I couldn’t sense the love sometimes because I couldn’t see an expression of it. I probably didn’t even know what the expression of it was that I was looking for; maybe I thought I would recognize it if I saw it.

God’s forever-love is ours each day. When you get up each morning and when you go to bed each night, thank God that His love is forever and ask Him to open your eyes of awareness to be able to sense it and receive it into yourself.

Some days you are going to go to bed not feeling it. Can that be okay? Can you start afresh tomorrow and open yourself to His love? This love invites you and me to come to Him and to know the freedom of always, no matter what, being loved.

Photo by Gabby Orcutt-Unsplash

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