Psalm 111: Flawless – Reflections on Psalm 111

We engaged with Psalm 111 during Still’s Contemplative Service on August 15. We looked to see all the works of God, how His works were described and then applied it to our lives. We asked ourselves, “Where is God working in me presently and how would I describe that work?”

Today, I reflect on this line: All God accomplishes is flawless, faithful, and fair. The word that stands out to me is “flawless.” Flawless. Not instant or understood or just what I asked for.

God’s works are flawless according to God, not to me.

What can I know about what works God is doing in others that are involved in any given situation in my life? The experiences God is allowing, the people He is bringing into all the lives involved, the words people innocently speak that impact the soul…so much work behind one desire God has for us. The desire God has that meets the longing in us that we might be totally unaware of or what we might be thinking it is…not know the deeper longing underneath.

Believing God’s accomplishments are flawless takes faith – a faith that can be stretched over years. Faith that enlarges our hearts.

Don’t lose heart if there is something in your life that is hard to bear. Most of God’s works to accomplish His blessing in your life are unseen. But at some point, in the most surprising ways, God will open something up to you and you will almost drown in the sense of His loving goodness. Like the psalmist, you will say in a hushed tone, “All God accomplishes is flawless.”

Photo by Chris Malinao Burgett-Unsplash

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