First Sunday of Advent: Created to be in God's Presence

Imagine yourself in this beginning story - as Adam or Eve. Genesis 3:8-11

What stirs in you? What stands out to you?

In silence with God, consider these questions:

  1. Where are you?

  2. What are you thinking about God at this time in your life?

  3. What are you afraid of?

  4. Is there a place in your life where you sense you are hiding from God or covering up your vulnerability before Him?

  5. What do you long for?

This is the partial first devotional out of my Advent Retreat in Daily Life Material.

Following each day will be a prayer for Advent for the week's theme.

You can purchase the full book of prayer exercises for Advent - focusing on the presence of God by contacting me at or using the chat feature on my website.

Picture shared from: by Father Austin Murphy

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