Day Two: In the Safe Place with Broken Pieces

Jesus was in front of her, His shoulders bent slightly, mirroring the sorrow in the woman’s heart as she came. She held the broken pieces of pottery, dirt smearing each piece as if to cling enough to keep them together. Jesus did not hold out his hands – He knew that this would rush her soul. She wanted to tell him what all the broken pieces represented. He welcomes her words and tears. Our stories are so important to Jesus.

“Here is where I tried so hard, and this one was such a big dream I had,” she sobbed.

Each piece had a story attached to a deep longing and Jesus nodded, every once in awhile wiping a tear from her face. He listened so respectfully – He wanted her to honour her losses.

When she was spent and held out her hands with the broken pieces, He tenderly took them into his hands.

“I’m going to take them to our place in the daisy field,” He said. “That is where I am going to work on them.”

She nodded. She didn’t know if she should hope. And then He said, “Okay?”

Just the way He asked that helped her to have hope. She remembered how He promised to make beauty out of our ashes. “Okay,” she said.

So much transformation had happened to her in the daisy field’s clearing – deep and beautiful things. She hugged this truth to her heart as she made her way back into the day at hand. She could quietly trust Him. She would.

Just as she started to walk away, Jesus called out, “You can come and ask me how its coming along whenever you want to, okay?”

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