Day Six - The Safe Place to Tell Our Stories

Bella was mad. She and her husband had had words. She built the whole story in her mind and the story definitely had her as the innocent and her husband as the villain. She both loved the sense of self-righteousness and hated it. It felt like a churning inside and was very uncomfortable - but she preferred it to being wrong. Wrong always felt shameful.

She walked in big strong strides to the clearing in the daisy field. But then, the closer she got to the clearing, the more self-righteousness lost its grip. The churning inside switched to a sinking in her belly. The sinking always led to humility. Darn it!

Jesus was building a little fire in the center of their clearing. Bella stood in the doorway, suddenly unsure if she wanted to be with him. He always messed things up and she still wanted to cling to her story.

“Hey, Bella,” Jesus said gently. “Would you like a cup of chai?” That settled it…chai was her favourite. She knew He was reeling her into his grace slowly but she couldn’t fully resist. His grace was like a magnet – it drew you away from self-sufficiency and into His love like a moth to the flame.

Jesus put the warm cup of chai into her raised hands and looked deeply into her eyes. “Did you want to talk about it?” Of course, she did. What else could she talk about? It would only be pretentious and that never went well.

So, they talked. He asked the most insightful questions – questions like, I wonder what was going on in him? What was it that you said before he answered you in that hurtful way? How were you feeling towards him before this interaction? What was going on in you? Was there something else you were hurting over? Questions like that – gentle but uncovering, loving but opening up. “How does He do that?!” Bella wondered.

The more Jesus prodded, the more compassion He expressed for both Bella and her husband, the more grace was able to enter into stubborn places to soften her heart with understanding and humility.

“I know I only ever have part of the story,” Bella admitted. Jesus smiled and said, “But when you get mad, you forget that!” She smiled back at Him, thankful for the light heartedness he brought in just at the right times.

He opened his arms; she went and allowed him to fold her all into Him and cry her broken tears. Self-righteousness and shame had no platform to stay any longer.

“Thank you for helping me with my story, for filling in the parts I couldn’t see or didn’t want to see. Thank you for helping towards the humility that shows me my broken part in a way that doesn’t shame me. Thank you for opening my heart once again to this person who is so dear to me.”

“Anytime,” Bella. You knew the other parts down deep; you just needed some help to let them come up so you could see.

Photo by Ellieelien-Unsplash

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