Day Four - There is Always a Path to the Safe Place

Somehow, she had gotten lost. She couldn’t figure out how. There is just one path to the clearing in the daisy field but now she was in the middle of a dense forest without a clue how to get to the daisy field from there.

As she wandered around the windy paths in the forest, her deeper truth rose to the surface. She didn’t want to go to Jesus in the daisy field. How weird was that? Why was that? She loved him deeply, she knew that. And of course, he loved her deeply. Ah, its just that she didn’t want to tell him about her deepest sorrow. Well, she did but she didn’t. The thing about being with Jesus is that a person can’t really hide and when you tell him your deepest sorrow, you have to feel it and a person doesn’t always want to do that. What if you go down into the feeling and you can’t get back up? Or what if you feel it so deeply it crushes you beyond what you can bear?

She leaned against a big old tree and all of a sudden, she could sense his presence. Jesus was on the other side of the tree.

“Are you lost in this forest, Bella?” he asked, while staying on his side of the tree.

“I am, Jesus. It’s my own fault though…but I don’t know how I got lost.”

“How so? How is it your own fault?”

“Well, I don’t know, I just feel that it is. There is only one path to our clearing.”

“Maybe you have only known that path. Maybe there are paths from everywhere.”

“What do you mean, Jesus?”

“I mean that my children often want to hide from the clearing where we can look at things and bear things together. I understand this. So, I have made paths from everywhere they try to hide so that they can always make their way back when they are ready.”

She was just about to feel the familiar shame at being found out when Jesus reached around the wide trunk of the tree and tickled her. Laughter drowned out shame.

“Bella, we can go to the clearing and not talk about it. We can just hang out. You know that I know the sorrow in your heart. You don’t have to avoid me. I don’t mind waiting for you to be ready but I don’t like for you to be alone when you are hurting.”

She reached her arm around to his side of the tree and found his hand. Oh, such relief in its warmth, such comfort in its strength. They bent their heads around the tree at the same time and smiled at each other. Then Jesus led her through the forest path that came out into the daisy field. It seemed that all the daisies greeted them with joy, swaying in the breeze, parting the way to the clearing.

Photo by Nick Linnen-Unsplash

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