Day Four - Long Streams


For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants. Isaiah 44:3


Let the long streams flow upon my descendants.

When I think of “long streams” an image emerges of water passing over rocks and debris, ever flowing, unstoppable, slow. It’s like the water knows where it is going and will not be deterred. There is a river to get to, or maybe a great lake to join.

I think of my children and grandchildren, the long stream of the Spirit finding them and taking them to the Great Lake that is the fullness of God. I cry when I write this. I was found by God as a young woman, stepped out the stream for a short period of time, and then returned to God when I was pregnant with our first child. All I’ve ever wanted was for our children to be taken into that Great Lake of God. I dream of them all being so immersed in the love of God, rising up in laughter at the wonder of it all.

I'm getting to be an old girl now and the older one gets there is a greater knowing that God is the only One who can get us into the stream. So I wait in hope…for myself and for them. The stream has become the promise, the prayer has become a wondering waiting (not wandering! 😊). I rest by the stream, and let the ache for what I want go into the stream. Every once in awhile, I look down the stream and bless His name for the promise. The water knows where to go.

Photo by Heather Mount - Unsplash

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