Day Five - In The Safe Place Just to Keep Company

Bella loved the second-hand bicycle she had found last year. It was a lime green colour with a wicker basket on the front. It made her smile at the sheer fun of it. It was a blue-sky kind of day, clouds wispy and waiting for someone with child-like imagination enough to draw pictures out of their unusual forms.

Bella wasn’t wired to have days of nothing but delight and rest. She often struggled with needing to produce. But the times with Jesus in the daisy field clearing were helping her to just be and not only do.

She rode her bike on especially happy days to express her happiness and she also rode her bike on sad days when she wanted to feel happier. Kind of like baking, she thought.

The path to the clearing was bumpy and had a few holes she had to steer around. But she did glance up now and again to see Jesus standing at the entrance of the clearing waving at her. She raised one hand up and waved back. Oh, how wonderfully welcoming He was.

“Nice bike,” he said as he walked all around it, checking it out. He was like that. He cared about each detail and always seemed to have all the time in the world to be interested in her.

“I didn’t come with anything in particular, Jesus,” she said.

She wasn’t prepared for His response.

“That’s great!” And with that, he took her hand and pulled her towards the middle of the daisy field.

“Let’s lay down in the daisies,” he offered, with a twinkle in his eyes.

Bella and Jesus laid down and felt the soft green under the smiling faces of the daisies. It was a little damp, but earthy and her body felt so good just laying there for no reason at all.

Jesus started to point to the clouds and they shared their imagined pictures of the shapes with each other.

“Let’s play the daisy game,” Jesus suggested.

Bella did love the daisy game but it was always hard to start it. Jesus picked a daisy and offered it to Bella. She plucked a petal from it and shyly said, “He loves me.” She passed it to Jesus. He plucked another petal and said, “I love you.” With the next plucking, Bella looked at Jesus and said, “You love me.” Jesus pulled of the next one with added abandon and said, “I love you!” It always took until the last of the petals to embrace the delight of the truth.

Laying very still, Bella shared her thoughts with Jesus. “Jesus, were you disappointed that I didn’t come with anything – no confession, no problem to need your help, no worship, no offering?”

He was quiet for what seemed an eternity. Then He said something she never would have thought she needed to hear…until she heard him say it.

“I love just being with you in The Safe Place.”

Was it her imagination or was it real? A sense of all the performance kept in the very sinews of her body all melted into the ground and peace flooded her being.

She said, “I love just being with you too.” She breathed all the way down to her toes and fell asleep beside him.

Photo by Joshua Fuller-Unsplash

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