Day 3 of Advent: Welcomed into His Presence!

Welcomed into the presence of Jesus

Like a child – to talk, to be held, to laugh, to walk, to look at the beauty of the world

Or maybe just to be

This is how I want to live

Not just believe it in some remote part of my brain

I think about waking up in the morning and being welcomed into the day by You

Remembering throughout the day that I am welcome

In whatever places I find myself in

Whether external circumstances or within my soul

That Your welcome isn’t conditional

You are not interested in a fair-weather friend

You don’t want me to stay away until I get myself “together”

Whatever that means

You welcome ME

The person You created

The human me, the broken me, the renewed me

In all of life

Welcomed, treasured, gathered

Oh, renew my mind and heart O God

To believe in the warmth of Your smile

To ever see Your arms stretched towards me

With joy

(Prayer to accompany Day 3 of the Advent Material)

Photo by Jude Beck - Unsplashed

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