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Isaiah 40:25 “To whom then will you compare me, or who is my equal?” says the Holy One.

This is not a verse that I have spent time meditating on. It’s been one of those verses that I feel the weight of God’s holiness in and then I read on. But it stopped me a few days ago and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.

We compare all the time in order to make decisions. Think about the grocery store and picking out what apples you want. Underlying how you see that apple you are going to choose are all the other apples around it. In North America, we have mega-choices on every thing we shop for.

I’ve been wondering if there is a hidden element of comparing in my life when it comes to God. I know that I choose God at times and at other times I do not. But do I compare? I don’t think I do. What shocks me is that it could be that God invites me to.

To compare anything or anyone, there is an element of sameness or likeness. God says there isn’t anyone or anything that is His equal. There is no similarity, no likeness at all! God is God alone, beyond comparison. What could come from such a "foolish" comparison? It could expose the blindness and illusion attached to our choices:

Hours on social media compared to God

Pursuit of achievement and success compared to God

Pleasure that includes sin compared to God


God is basically saying, “Don’t just blindly choose what your flesh chases after; put it beside me and compare. Then you will know that nothing can equal who I am and what I offer to you.”

As we come closer to the beginning of Lent – a time to reflect, repent and draw closer – I pray that you will take up God’s challenge and compare Him to what you look for in order to be satisfied. May He shine brighter.

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