Commissioned to Teach People the Kingdom Ways (Day 34 of the Resurrection)

And teach them to faithfully follow all that I have commanded you. Matthew 28:20

I don’t know if you have noticed that there has been a big shift in the books that are being published, both in the secular world and in the Christian world. The shift is that there are study guides at the back of a lot of them with questions that help you interact with the information. In addition to this, I notice there are exercises to actually practice what is being taught. What a novel idea! 😊

I’d hate to think how much I have read that has only passed between my ears and never gone down to my feet. In such an information-driven society, Jesus’ call to teach others to follow His kingdom ways is very arresting. To teach to follow is not the same as giving information.

The Aramaic for “follow” is to “keep” or “guard.” In order to follow this part of the great commissioning is to practice what we know in tangible, every day ways. The call is to let the kingdom ways impact our lives so as to let the beauty of Christ within to flow out. It isn’t easy but it is beautiful and draws people much more than mere information.

Francis of Assisi is worthy of quoting here:

"It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.”

This is why I believe in the contemplative life, why I long to develop this life more and more, so that I may live out of Jesus in order that He may live out of me.


What are you reading these days? Here’s a challenge. Discern what the Spirit wants to take from your head and heart into your feet. How can you practice what you have read for 30 days?


As it is Mothers’ Day, I share this prayer from A Heart Exposed (Talking to God with Nothing to Hide) by Steven James

You mothers are the best examples of living out the love!

To the giver, from the receiver.

I know so very little about love.

I like to think of it as pure and noble and kind,

but all too often it’s’ messy

and sticky and has bruised knees

and scraped knuckles.

I see a young mother learning about love,

about the getting-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night kind of love,

the diaper-changing love,

the dream-deferring love,

and I see that she finds a certain joy

in this love

and a certain irritation, too.

As I walk through the love lessons that you send,

I find joy and irritability as well.

But the process, that’s what I need,

even if I may not want it.

I need the painful journey of learning to love,

because without it

I’ll remain safely encased

in sterile indifference.

Only through your awkward lessons

of loving dirty people,

can I finally become myself.

*Addition from me: We are all a little dirty/messy. 😊

Photo by Annie Spratt-Unsplash

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