Commissioned to be Immersed in the Trinity (Day 33 of the Resurrection)

Baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…Matthew 28:19

Everyone loves a baptism! Hearing the stories that God has written in the lives of others, how He drew that person to Himself is so inspirational. Being a witness to someone making a declaration to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives is one of those super sacred moments in time.

One thing that I never put together until these last few years is the total symbolism. We have been taught that baptism symbolizes an inner work of the saving grace of God – the person goes under the water to symbolize the death of the old life that lived separately from God and the person coming up out of the water symbolizes the cleansing of Christ and the new life going forward. But there is even more symbolism! To baptize someone in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit is to proclaim the reality that this person is now immersed in the life of the Trinity. This person has the Father, Son and Spirit around, within, and accessible every moment of this new life.

Sometimes I like to sit in silence and imagine that I am in the middle of Trinity love: Father, Son and Spirit loving each other and loving me. It isn’t imagining a fable, it is using my sanctified imagination in order to actually experience and dwell within this mystery. Oh, such peace it brings.

Jesus commissions us to baptize people into this reality. He hasn’t commissioned us to just teach the symbolism but to help people to know this is now what they will live in. This is such a glorious thing to want to help people to discover and to nurture them along in their discipleship to know it more and more.


What emotion is evoked in you to consider that your very life is immersed within the Trinity love?

How does this change your understanding of this part of our commissioning?

If you could name your part in the commissioning, what part of another’s journey into this would you be drawn to the most?


Imagine yourself in the middle of the Trinity. Think of the Father. Wait there and listen. Think of the Son. Wait there and listen. Think of the Spirit. Wait there and listen.

Think of being surrounded in this love. Just stay for as long as you like and let yourself be loved, cared for, and protected.


Photo by Kaleb Tapp - Unsplash

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