BAPTIZED - Day Five of Week Six

For John baptized with water but in a few days, you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:5

There are so many wonderful fresh lakes here in Ontario. It’s fun going to the larger lakes like Lake Huron and enjoying the long beaches you can walk on. But there is something special about the smaller lakes – there is a smell and a feel to the water that is different somehow. A cottage on a smaller lake always has a dock. The kids can fish off the dock, watching for the bobber to go under, signaling a bite. Adults can sip coffee in the early morning or wine in the evening while lounging on a Muskoka chair. Loons call and the sound goes right inside of you. The lake can become like glass and sparkle like a million fire flies are gliding across the surface.

Our son and daughter-in-law have a favourite cottage they like to rent near Haliburton. They invite us to come and share time with them there for part of the week. What a blessing! When I dive into the coolness of the lake, immersing my body and allow the smoothness of water to flow over me, I feel like a young girl again. Memories flood my mind – I remember the places our dad took us, places that always had a beautiful lake.

One of my favourites was where we camped up north. My dad would go out pickerel fishing early in the morning before any of us were awake. I would have hung my bathing suit on the line the evening before and in the morning, it was damp with dew. While my dad cooked up the pickerel on the open fire, I would don that damp bathing suit and go down to the dock and dive in for an early morning swim. As I climbed the hill back to the campsite, I could smell that fish frying. It doesn’t get any better than that folks!

I always loved that first immersion, then rising to the surface, my hair plastered down and my body feeling a type of renewal and awakening. You can’t help but feel God in all of it.

When I think of being baptized in the Holy Spirit, I picture this glorious immersion in an Ontario lake. As your body swims under the water, it sheds the weight of soul troubles, weariness, and even sins. Washed and alive you rise to the surface to a new day, a day touched by the presence of the great Creator.


What comes to your mind when you think of being baptized in the Holy Spirit? What analogy would you use? Why?

Why does God love to do this for us? What do you think He longs for us to know, experience or feel?


Worship God in this song today. Open your soul to a fresh baptism. Call out your need.

Song of Solomon (Official Lyric Video) - Martin Smith

Photo by Kate Tandy-Unsplash

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