Advent - Week 2 - Getting in Touch with Wonder

Advent - Week Two - The Wonder of Presence

I call us back to our childhood this week. Specifically, I invite you to remember places of wonder. Think first snowfalls, Christmas mornings, shooting stars, finding a four leaf clover to wish on, watching a bird or a squirrel come get the idea. Take some silence and allow one specific memory come to the surface.

Let yourself stay in the memory and feel its delight. Let wonder rise up from it and indulge yourself in how it affects you - body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Now come and imagine heaven getting ready to send the Saviour into the world for you, for us. All the angels hushed, the love of the Father, Son and Spirit breaking out of heaven's confines, everyone listening for Mary's labour pains and the cry that pierces Bethlehem. Certain angels on heaven's edge, so filled with joy at their task to announce the greatest thing that has ever happened to humankind. A Saviour born!

Let all that is hard right now melt away, just for awhile and let your soul be filled with wonder. Awe flowing from the child within you to help the adult draw near to Christ. Let wonder be the medicine for your soul today.

Photo by Jeremiah Lawrence - Unsplashed

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