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Be still and Know that I am God (Psalm 46:10).

Scripture Reflections

Holy Week:
Imaginative Gospel Contemplations:
Jesus' Acts of Forgivenness

This is a five-part Series for Holy Week. Each audio is centered on one of Jesus' acts of forgiveness. In Imaginative Gospel Contemplation, we put ourselves in the story as one of the characters. In this series, we do a most uncomfortable thing. We put ourselves in the place of Jesus. Scripture is read and then an imaginative story is offered as part of what it might have been like for Christ to forgive in these ways. 

I pray that you will gain a special blessing as you enter into the forgiveness of the cross as you identify with the greatest Forgiver of all - our Lord Jesus Christ.

Monday, April 11-22

Jesus Forgives Betrayal

Tuesday, April 12-22

Jesus Forgives Being Left Alone

Wednesday, April 13-22

Jesus Forgives Denial

Thursday, April 14-22

Jesus Forgives the Undeserving

Good Friday, April 15-22

Christ Forgives the World

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