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Morning Silence Reflections

From Monday to Thursday, from 7:30 to 7:55 we hold 20 minutes of silence together in community. We begin the silence with an image and accompanying verse or quote. There is a prayer or poem that connects to the beginning reflections. Maybe you want to keep them for the day or use them in your own private silent times.

Double click on image and you will access the prayer or poem.

Looking Back - Looking Forward
December 26-29-22

Click on the 2022-2023 image to access the four day prayer exercises using a finger labyrinth. Blessings as you look back and look forward in the presence of Christ.

Download the finger labyrinth to print off and use with the exercises.

Four-Day Prayer Exercises to Use with the Finger Labyrinth

Finger Labyrinth
Double click for image to print

Such beautiful gifts silence brings; the gift of losing our attachments and opening ourselves up to all that God is;
no telling what He can impart when we are still....
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